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Here is how to Take A Screenshot of Your iPad

How to take a screenshot on iPad ? This is a question I have been asked so very often and the only answer I have is the traditional way I have always been using on my iPad 4. I have tried some apps before but they turned out rubbish so no need to share them here and until a good screenshooting app appears here is the easy way to snap a copy of what your iPad screen is displaying, this could be a picture from a blog post or news article, part of an email, an app you want to show name it. Here is how to do it:

1- Locate the lock/power button ( top edge of your iPad) and the main or menu button which is right under your screen.

2- Click and hold down the menu button and while holding it click and release the lock/power button. This should be very quick.

3- Now you will see a white flash and hear a camera shutter sound indicating that the screenshot has been taken successfully.

4- Now head over to your camera roll located in the photo app and you will be able to see the screenshot you have just taken, you can from there it share it with whoever you want.

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