Friday, November 1, 2013

Excellent Videos Explaining BYOD for Teachers and Students

BYOD and/or BYOT are (a) trend that is making the news in different sectors including education. Bring Your Own Device/Technology is an initiative meant to increase students learning opportunities through technology. Given the importance of technology in today's learning and knowing that school districts do not always have the financial means to enable them to provide schools with the needed technology, some schools now are trying the BYOD strategy to compensate for this shortage of technology resources.

However, BYOD is not only about students bringing their own technology to school, it is rather a structured process of teaching and learning through the mediation of digital devices. There are rules and conventions students and teachers have to pay heed to in order to make the BYOD experience successful. I have already featured here in this blog a plethora of resources on what teachers need to know about BYOD and today I am sharing with you some excellent videos that would help you better understand this concept.

1- Why BYOD

2- BYOD in the 21st century

3- BYOD classroom management

4- BYOD for students

5- BYOD success

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