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Excellent Video Tutorials for Teachers and Students to Learn about Copyright and Common Sense

A couple of weeks ago Educational Technology and Mobile Learning started posting a series of posts featuring video tutorials on key topics in education including digital citizenship, BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device), and Evernote tips for teachers. Today, and in accordance with some of the request I received this week, I handpicked for you some interesting video clips to teach your students about Creative Commons and copyright.

 These are big issues that impose themselves persistently in this digitally focused culture.  Students need to learn that it is not only because it is available online it can be used. There are rules and conventions at play for sharing and re-suing digital content. I invite you to watch and share with your colleagues. Enjoy

1- Creatie Commons Kiwi

2- What is Creative Commons License

3- Creative Commons Copyright friendly content and more

4- Creative Commons Get Creative

5- Generating a creative Common sense license

6- What is copyright ?

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