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Awesome Problem-Solving Rubric for Teachers

A couple of days ago I posted here a good visual featuring the elements of the inquiry process and I argued that an effective learning strategy is one that gets students engaged in the inquisitive process of knowledge discovery. Today, however, I am sharing with you this wonderful rubric I learned through the Google certified teacher Noami Harm. I decided to share the link to it with you here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning because I have been getting several requests from teachers asking about visuals on problem-solving. I believe the rubric below will provide you with a practical guide on how to go about in cultivating this important skill ( problem-solving) with your students.

Below is just a screenshot, click Here to access the original rubric.

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  1. Happy New Year!

    Here is a great collection of rubrics that can be found through the free online course of Assessment in the 21st Century Classrooms from Intel Education Once you launch the course you have access to five learning modules and a variety of activites. Within the course you will find a "resource" section as a main tab. Under the third module is where all the rubrics can be found, downloaded and you you can modify/change and resave to meet your instructors and assessment needs.

    All the free Intel Education Element online courses contain a resources section, and each course offers a variety of assessment, graphic organizer and web 2.0 tools tools for you to choose from, download and modify. Here is the link to ALL the free resources beyond online courses as well:

    Intel also has a rubric creation tool called Assessing Projects found here: Intel is in the process of creating these online tool into an app and will be ready hopefully be early Fall 2014.

    Assessing Projects meets teachers’ needs in several ways. You can
    use the free online application to develop your own checklists, rubrics, and open-text assessments from scratch.

    Access the database of hundreds of high-quality, ready-made assessments on products and performances, processes, and thinking skills and modify them to meet your individual needs.

    Save your assessments in the Teacher Workspace or share them with another teacher who is registered in the site.

    Learn about the research and theory behind successful assessment.

    Find a wide variety of assessment strategies you can use with your students.

    Enjoy your day dear friend!


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