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5 great Video Clips to Learn more about PLNs

The advancement of digital media and the emergence of new communication modes have changed some of our literacy practices and consequently reshaped the way we learn . The learning resources available today are limitlessly diverse and in most of the times with no gatekeepers to control who can access what .

Digital technologies have created opportunities for individuals to create, distribute, and read multimodal texts with ease and enthusiasm. Engagement in such a participatory and collaborative culture is deemed necessary for developing one's "educated or literate self". In fact such participation is the core foundational precept behind the concept of personal/ professional  learning network.

Today, we are sharing with you a collection of some good videos to help those of you who are new to the concept of PLN understand it better . Check out the list below.

Also check  Sherry's " 23 Resources about Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) "

1- Personal Learning Networks for Educators

2- Personal Learning networks : The Why, What, and How.

3- The network is the learning

4- PLN How to Build One

5- Personal Learning Networks

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