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Two Important YouTube Tips for Teachers

YouTube is definitely one of the video repositories we teachers and educators use to look for educational video resources to share with our students. But what if the video you find is 30 minutes long and the segment that you want to share from this video is only two minutes long.Would you share the whole video then forward play it to the part you want or is there  another simpler way to do it?

Well, there are several ways to chop YouTube videos and I have already reviewed some of these tools in this post. However, today , I am sharing with you two practical tips I learned from Chris Kesler.

Tip 1
Head over to the video you want to share and
 Click on " share" button under the YouTube video

 Select the check box for "start at" then enter a time value in the text box next to it. A link will be generated for you in the left of the check box .

Tip 2
The second tip Chris provided is my favourite. You only have to add the string #t=xmys to the end of any YouTube URL. x represents the number of minutes and y represents the number of seconds. For instance the URL of the video you want to share is ( and you want to share only the part that starts at 3 minutes and 2 seconds meaning you need to add the following string (#t=3m2s) to the original URL. The entire URL will look like this

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