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Two Effective QR Code Generators for your Chrome

QR codes are good for communicating a piece of information in the most compact way possible. QR codes can be about an article, video, graphic..etc and they can include up to 4000 characters. Now that technology and particularly the mobile gadgets are all over the map, the use of these codes in our everyday life have become a common thing.

 QR codes have also made it into our classrooms and there are a variety of ways these codes can be used with students to boost their learning; Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already featured a detailed guide on everything teachers need to know to effectively use QR codes in teaching, check it out here to learn more.

Today I am sharing with you two handy QR generators that are basically extensions or add-ons that can be installed on your Chrome browser to generate QR codes from web content you are browsing.

1- QR Code Tag Extension

This QR-code tag extension generates a QR-code tag for the URL in the current tab open in Chrome or any link, text selection or image on a web page. Only right click and choose "Generate QR-code for this...". The tag can be scanned with a QR-code scanner/barcode scanner which could interpret the code and for instance launch the browser on a mobile phone jumping directly to the same URL. URL Shortner url shortener is an extension which allows you to shorten the current website URL with the Google URL Shortener service This service also allows you to generate QR codes from shortened content.

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