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Tips to Help Teachers Effectively Use Social Media

Much of the learning taking place now in the digital world is done through the help of social media websites like Twitter, Google Plus and even Facebook. These outlets have provided some golden opportunities for teachers and educators to enrich their teaching experience and broaden their professional networks. There are now several virtual communities of practice one can instantly join and start the learning journey and right from the comfort of one's bedroom.

However, using social media websites is not as easy as it might sound for one has to be clear about the objectives of his using them: is it for personal gains or to grow professionally? The lines  should be clearly demarcated between these two sides for any real benefits to come out of these platforms. Time is also another important factor in this equation, when should you log on and how much you should spend interacting with your PLN are two crucial questions you need to answer before you embark on this learning odyssey using social media.

Our colleagues in Edudemic have put together this awesome graphic featuring some good social media tips for teachers. I am sharing it with you below. Check it out and share with your colleagues as well.

social media tips

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