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This is How to Use TPACK Model to Integrate Technology into Teaching

TPACK which stands for  Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge is another interesting framework that seeks to help teachers better integrate technology into education. And just like the SAMR model and Blooms Digital Taxonomy, TPACK has its own building blocks that are used to conceptualize the effective integration of technology into instruction and lesson planning. I have already shared a nice visual on TPACK in an earlier post this year but today I am sharing with you this 2 minutes video that sheds more light on this concept.

Here are some highlights I grabbed from the video.

What is TPACK ?
TPACK is a framework that combines three knowledge areas: technological knowledge, content knowledge, and pedagogical knowledge. This framework looks at how these trio works together to increase students motivation and make the content more accessible to students.

1- Content Knowledge:
This is the subject matter we are teaching like Math, music, Art..etc. It's the what.

2- Pedagogical Knowledge:
This is the how. These are the tools or methodologies teachers use to instruct their students: are they going to use direct instruction, inquiry based teaching, group discussion, debate..etc

2- Tecknological knowledge
This is the partner.It looks at the digital tools ( google Drive, ipad apps, Smart boards..etc ) teachers can use to make content accessible to students while supporting the pedagogical strategy used in instruction.

Now lets look at the overlaps :

  •  TP knowledge: helps us to understand how are we making content more accessible.
  • TC knowledge : allows us to identify the affordances of pairing appropriate technology to the content
  • PC knowledge : allows us to identify the affordances of pairing the appropriate pedagogies with the content.

TPACK comes from the overlapping in that centre spot or what is referred to by " the sweet spot". For more information on TPACK visit

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