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This is How to Search Flickr for Free Images to Use with Students in Class

Flickr is a great image hosting website that you can use to store and share your images. Flickr is also a powerful image search engine where you can find images others have posted. As a teacher, you can probably use this platform with your students to look for pictures to include in classroom projects. However, not all pictures are free to use and as we have mentioned in our Copyright Section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, there are certain conditions under which you are allowed to re-use people's images but only for non commercial purposes, these conditions are mostly included under a Creative Commons License.

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Creative Commons License grants you the right to re-use the image as long as you respect the terms of re-use included in the type of license attached to the image. Here is a visual that features all the types of Creative Commons Licenses you and your students need to know.

Flickr hosts a wide range of images licensed by Creative Commons and you can actually refine your search to only look for these images. The process is very easy, watch the short video below to learn how to look for Creative Commons licensed pictures in Flickr.

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