Teachers' Professional Development Apps

Growing professionally is probably one the concerns that keeps looming in front of u as teachers and educators. There is an insistent and constant need for us to learn and keep learning. We are destined to be life long learners and luckily, in this digitally focused age where the stream of knowledge is just one click away from us, things are way easier than they used to be before.

The web is teeming with all kinds of communities of practice and personal learning networks that are open to everyone to join. More important, one can very easily create his/her ow learning network tailored to his/her own learning needs. This network can contain people sharing, not the same geographical location or school district, but the same passion and zest for learning. People brought together for a common objective : learn and improve the teaching practice.

The so called geographical and temporal shackles that were put around professional development are now removed due to the widespread use of mobile devices. Now wherever you are and whenever you want, you can plug in and start learning. There are even apps created particularly designed to help you grow professionally.  Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already featured a bunch of reviews of apps tailored professional learning purposes but today I am adding another great selection. This list is created by John Sowash from Edreach. John divided these apps into 7 sections :

  • Communication apps
  • Consumption apps
  • Research apps
  • Document and file management apps
  • Utility apps
  • Education apps
  • Screen sharing apps
Here is a printable Google document that features all the apps together with their reviews. Click  HERE to access it.

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