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Google Forms for Beginners- Handy Visual Guide for Teachers

 Google Forms is getting more traction particularly since the introduction of some useful features to its functionality. Now users can very easily insert YouTube videos into forms ; they can also integrate images and create awesome forms with a variety of sophisticated backgrounds. As a teacher, you will find these features handy as you can now create a quiz around a video and get students to exercise their writing, listening, and comprehension skills in ways that were not available before.

If you are still not familiar with Google Forms and want to learn how  to leverage this powerful tool in your teaching, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has an entire section entitled " Google Forms for Teachers" where you can access a plethora of tips, ideas, guides, and visual tutorials on how to use Google Forms in education.

Today I am adding this wonderful resource created by Lynda Hall from The De-tech-ive 4 Teachers to that section. I am inviting you to have a look and share with your colleagues and don't forget to check Lynda's blog for more interesting techie tips for teachers.

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