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Excellent Videos OnThe Use of Augmented Reality Apps by Students

Below are some good videos I got a few days ago on examples of how some augmented reality apps are being used with kids to help them improve their learning. If the concept of augmented reality if all new to you then here is a brief definition of it: Augmented Reality is exactly what the name implies: an augmented version of realty created by mixing technology with the known world. It might be a distorted, augmented, or less augmented version of the actual world but in its basic form, augmented reality is a simulation or rather a way of superimposing digital contents into the real context.

You can learn more about the importance of augmented reality in education from " Teachers' Guide to Augmented Reality ".

Now here are some video examples of augmented reality concept in action. These tutorials are all brought to you from apps by Paul Hamilton website.

1- Augmented Reality to engage students in Mathematics

2- Teach coding using Augmented Reality

3- Augmented Reality in Education Topia and Aurasma

4-  Is this the future of education ?

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