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Awesome Visual Featuring 7 Tips to Effectively Search Google

Google is the search engine that our students frequent the most but do they really know how to Google it? Do they know that the power of this search engine is not in how easily you can type in your search query but how smartly you can word it ? Are they aware of the other multifaceted functionalities Google can do like using it as a dictionary, calculator, or even currency converter ?

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already featured several of these tips and tricks that teachers and students can use to tap into the full potential of this phenomenon called Google. Adding to these resources is a very short, succinct and simple graphic that sums up 7 of the most important search tweaks that can render your Google search more effective and to the point. I have learned about this wonderful visual from teachthought and I invite you to share it with your students. Enjoy
  google search tips

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