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An Interesting Visual Guide to What Colours Communicate

Tell me the colour you like and I tell you who you are. This is a metaphorical expression that shows how revealing your colour choice can be about your over all personality. And just as much as we differ in the our tastes, likes, and dislikes, so do our colour preferences. More important is the fact that colours are associated with a certain psychological modes and emotive states. For instance , while  Blue is a colour that is is associated with calmness and security, Red is an attention-grabbing colour that, if overused, can cause a negative emotional response.

 The visual guide below from Dustin Stout provides more explanations on the denotations of each colour. I invite you to read it and next time you want to create a slide or visual to share with others, it will probably help you make good colour combinations for your project.

colour guide

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