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A Great New Twitter Guide for Teachers

As I mentioned in the " Who is The Connected Educator ", being a connected educator means being able to leverage the power of social web and social networking platforms to expand your network of professional acquaintances and benefit from the collective wisdom of your PLN. Twitter is one the best platforms to start your PLN and grow professionally.

There are now several virtual communities in Twitter  dedicated to the betterment of the teaching practice and helping teachers grow professionally. Each virtual community is accorded a specific hashtag and the good thing about these communities is that they are open to anyone to join and take part in the knowledge building taking place inside them. It suffices to have an account on Twitter to join any educational community you want. The two ones I recommend the most are : #edchat and #edtech and here is a comprehensive list of all the educational hashtags being use don Twitter. Check it out, you will definitely find the hashtag for the subject matter you are teaching.

The purpose of my post today is to share with you an essential Twitter guide created by George Couros. This guide is intended to help those who are new to Twitter. It outlines the different steps of creating a Twitter account, tips for picking up a username, information on how to use email address, first steps after the creation of a Twitter account and concludes with two sample profiles of leading educators on Twitter. I invite you to check and share this guide with your students and colleagues. Enjoy
Here is a snapshot of a page of this guide. You can access the full Google doc HERE.

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