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A Good Visual On Bloom's Revised Taxonomy of Learning

Today I participated in webinar entitled" the power of educational infographics " and I am really glad I did because I learned a great deal of new things from Mia ( presenter) and from the synchronous discussion that was took place  through text chat. If you want to learn more abut what we have talked about today in this webinar, here a PDF link Mia created and which features the excellent visuals she used in her presentation.

Most of my readers are already faniliar with Mia because she is one of the creative heroes in the art of creating educational infographics and I have repeatedly shared some of her work here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Her blog An Ethical Island is full of great educational infographics to use in your classroom.

Today I am sharing with you one of her recent works called " Bloom's revised Taxonomy of Learning". The visual is pretty basic and cuts off so much of the verbosity surrounding this topic. Mia views the thinking skills included in Bloom's revised taxonomy as " a tree that grows. We start off at the bottom of the tree with the new shoots, and then move up to the fully formed peaks."

blooms revised taxonomy

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