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A Collection of Great Books for Teachers

I love reading books, particularly those related to my niche education. Several of the titles I have read this year are suggestions from my colleagues in my personal learning network together with some other titles I come across in other educational blogs and websites. I know our schedules, as teachers and educators,are busy and full but this should never be an excuse for not setting out at least an hour a day especially before bed time for reading. One of the strategies I use myself and really works good for me is that I make reading plans for each month, for instance at the end of each month I should have read at least 2 books and anything more is a plus for me. I have also learned from some writers like Jeff Goings that giving yourself your favourite treat after finishing a book helps too. Whatever your reading strategy is : always read and never stop on reading. Make reading a daily activity in our life. It is all about habituation and once you get yourself into the reading habit, you will never quit it.

Today I am sharing with you some of the interesting books I have been reading. I have pinned them all to the board called " Great Books for Teachers". This board is a place where I aggregate educational books which I think can be good reads for teachers. Make sure you follow it to stay updated about the upcoming books.

Here is a snapshot of this board and you can access it from the link HERE. You can also check my other Pinterest boards from the link HERE.

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