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8 iPad Twitter Apps You Never Heard of

As I have always reiterated in my Twitter for Teachers section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, Twitter is only powerful when combined with third party tools. There is definitely a myriad of interesting web applications that can render your Tweeting experience better and way more enjoyable and I have reviewed many of them in the section mentioned earlier but the best and most important of them all, in my personal view, is Tweetdeck. I personally can not imagine using Twitter without Tweetdeck.

However, today I am sharing with you a set of some useful Twitter iPad apps that you might probably have never heard of, or at least some of them will be new to you. All thanks go back to Appaddictive where I have learned about some of them. Enjoy

1- Twitterific 5

The unified timeline lets you browse mentions and direct messages from a single view and the new theme panel enables you to tailor the way tweets are displayed. Quickly respond to tweets, change accounts or view conversation threads with minimum effort using gestures. Robust VoiceOver support means Twitterrific is accessible for users with vision impairments.
2- Tweetbot

Tweetbot provides the following features :
  • Multiple Timelines. Quickly switch between your lists as your main timeline. 
  • Smart Gestures. Use Twitter more efficiently with time-saving and configurable gestures. 
  • Native Push Notifications. 
  • Mute filters lets you block messages from users without unfollowing them. 
  • Sync timeline position, direct message read statuses and mute filters between iPhone and iPad via iCloud. 
  • Customizable Navigation. The last 2 tabs are customizable and unused tabs are easily accessible.  Support for multiple services like Pocket, Instapaper, Readability, CloudApp and Droplr. 
  • Save drafts, add locations and POI's, attach photos/videos/notes, manage your lists, and much more. 

3- Echofon
Lightning Fast. Super Powerful. Simple to Use. Echofon is wrapped in a beautiful, clean interface that delivers a punch featuring Twitter Site Streams, real-time Push Notifications and powerful extras to enable you to manage your busy social media life on Twitter.
4- CovertChirp

As featured on TUAW Covert Chirp is the best way to check your Twitter feed at work or school without your boss or teacher knowing!
5- Twitpic

The first ever photo sharing site for Twitter comes to the iPhone! Twitpic is the easiest and best way to share your photos and videos with your Twitter followers.
6- Tweetlogix

Tweetlogix makes Twitter on iOS better than ever. Powerful filtering lets you instantly mute users, keywords or phrases. Design your own color themes, view inline images, search nearby, and much more. All in a simple, fast, easy-to-navigate app. Visit to learn more.
7- The Social Radio for Twitter

Listen to your tweets while doing anything else? Now it's possible! The Social Radio converts your Twitter stream into a human-friendly audio experience.

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