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12 Buzzing EdTech Concepts Teachers Should Know about

The world of educational technology is moving at the speed of light. No sooner does a new concept see the light than it becomes outdated by a new release. The cycle of digital innovation is accelerating at an alarming pace to the extent that confusion reigns. The marriage between technology and education is definitely not something new for it dates back to several decades ago but only at the turn of this new millennia that fruits of such reunion have been proliferated. There are now  a gamut of different educational concepts that have as a common thread the leveraging of technology for aiding instruction delivery, enhancing learning performance, and promoting pedagogy.

 Some of these concepts are not yet taught in teacher training centres and are not encapsulated in rigorous pedagogical volumes on teaching methodology yet their preponderance among netizens and digital natives have made them the new learning currency we should urgently learn to use in order to stay pedagogically oriented.

As an edtech blogger here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, such concepts are part and parcel of what I have to deal with in my daily blogging. I have already featured some practical graphics summarizing some of the most well reputed educational technology concepts but today I am sharing with you a list of video explanations of some of these concepts. I am hoping that you will find something new to learn from them and share with your students.
Special thanks go to Ed Tech Review for this selection.

1- What is Educational Technology ?

2- What is Asynchronous Learning ?

3- What is Mobile Learning ?

4- What is quest-based learning ?

5- What is a MOOC ?

6- What is Project based learning ?

7- What is Inquiry-based learning ?

8- What is Authentic-learning ?

9- What is Blended Learning ?

10- What is Gamification ?

11- What is BYOD ?

12- What is flipped learning ?

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