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10 Must Have Academic Twitter hashtags for Teachers and Student Researchers

As a graduate student in the Mount university here in Halifax, CA, I try my best to leverage the power of "ubiquitous connectedness" that social media web tools offers to hep me with my research studies. Gone are the days when one has to depend wholly on the local library for resources and references. Now every learning material you might need is only a moment away from you. More important is the fact that you can even now get in touch with the owners of materials you research thanks to social media.

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Twitter is my number one social networking website I utilize for my academic research. Twitter is also the topical theme of my MAED thesis so you understand why I don't let any chance go by without posting about this wonderful microblogging platform. The power of Twitter is twofold: it allows you to create and grow your personal/professional learning network and it also opens to you the doors wide open to join communities of practice of similar interest to yours by simply using these smart symbols called hashtags.

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One way to use Twitter for academic purposes is through following academic hashtags. These hashtags will keep you posted about what is going on in the world of academia and will also enable you to take part and ask for help from other experts if you need help, initiate discussions and make new acquaintances to enlarge your academic circle. To this end, I have assembled this list of academic hashtags to share with my fellow graduate students and academic researchers. Check it out below and share with us if you have other suggestions.

Some of the hashtags mentioned here are taken from a post published in Raul Pacheco entitled " A Summary of Curators and Social media Hashtags for Academics".

1- #Highered
This hashtag is used for anything related to higher education. Following it will enable you to access a wide range of resources and materials on higher education

2- #academia
As its name indicates this is a hashtag for anything related to the world of academia.

3- #edresearch
This hashtag is for educational research. #research is also another hashtag used interchangeably with #edresearch.

4- #edstudies
This one here is for educational studies and academic papers.

5- #PhDChat
This hashtag is for PHD students and professors and anyone else interested in the PhD life. This chat is weekly and is held every Wednesday.

6- #PhDAdvice
#PhDAdvice is  an asynchronous hashtag for curated discussions and conversations among PhD folks.

7- #ScholarSunday
if you are an academic,  use  #ScholarSunday hashtag to recommend some new Twitter users to your followers. You will also find what others have recommended for you to follow.

8-  #AdjunctChat
#AdjunctChat provides a great forum to discuss issues that should be relevant to everybody in higher education.

9- #PhDForum
#PhDForum is another hashtag for asynchronous discussions for anyone interested in PhD studies.

10- #AcWri
#AcWri is a hashtag used to generate discussions about academic writings.

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