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Teacher's Ultimate Guide to Google Drive

Today while I was browsing through my feeds I came across an attention-grabbing title of a supposedly good read. I followed the link and was directed to a page where to download A Google Drive Guide for free which I did. After downloading the guide and reading it through I discovered it was a complete rubbish, full of errors, poorly written, and badly illustrated. I went back to the article that promoted it and was shocked at how its author blatantly embellished it to push people to download it. I know I took the bait and did download it but this is part of my daily work as educational blogger, I have to try things before I recommend them to my fellow teachers here. However, what really ached me is the fact that the guy who was promoting that rubbish guide claims to be an educator, this is where the shoe really pinches.

Anyway, I just find myself compelled to share with you this little lesson and advise you to always check the credibility of the website and its author ( here are some great tools to do it ) before downloading anything off of it.

Having said that, I am sharing with you instead one of the best guides that you can ever find on Good Drive. I said the best because it is made by the same people who have developed it. It is also the only resource I personally go back to when in need of any help on Google Drive.

Check out the links below and click on any title to access it :

Set up Google Drive
Google Drive basics
Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other apps
Google Drive storage
Google Drive on your mobile device

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