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Get The Maximum out of Evernote with These Awesome Tutorials

Evernote is one of the apps I use on everyday basis. I have already featured it in my "top 10 web tools as a teacher ". I know there are several other tools that can do the same and I have reviewed some of them here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, but the powerful features Evernote exhibits together with its ease of use make out of this app one of the must have for every teacher and student.

I use Evernote for a wide variety of reasons most important of which is to organize my digital life and keep track of my projects. I also use it to jot down notes around web content I read, or to clip blog posts that interest me. There are also several third party tools I use with my Evernote and which enable me to get the maximum out of this application. Check them out HERE.

Today I am sharing with you 5 of the most popular video tutorials on Evernote. The videos are created by Cameron Plommer.

1- Evernote notes

2- How to Use Evernote Notebooks

3- How to Use Evernote tags

4- How to use Evernote Search

5- How to use Evernote Clipper

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