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Awesome iPad Poster for Back to School

iPad is gaining a strong foothold inside the classroom with more and more students using it as a learning tool.  I know some of you are planning to embrace it for the first time in their teaching and though it might take you sometime till you get it fully integrated into your workflow I am pretty sure the experience will be positive and worth the try.

Having recourse to some good educational apps resources is a pre-requisite for any effective use of this mobile gadget in the classroom. Thankfully, teachers now do not have to sweat over this for there are several educator curators who constantly provide us with all the educational apps we need to use with our students. Here are examples of curated lists you can start with.

Below is another good resource I want to share with you in this regard. This graphic is created by Netop and learned about it through Avatargeneration and features 7 dos and don'ts. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

ipad do an donts

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