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A Step by Step Guide to Create Presentations on Google Presentation

Google Presentation is a great service provided by Google for free and that allows users to create presentations and slideshows for free. There are several reasons why you should try this web tool with your students in your class. First, Google Presentation is very easy to use and has a good student-friendly interface. It is also integrated with Google Drive meaning that any presentation you create on it will be automatically integrated into your Google Drive account.

Google Drive also supports the chat functionality and this can be used by students to collaborate on creating slideshows. The other good thing about this web tool is that once students have a Gmail or a Google account then they can use Google Presentation without having to go through any sign-up process. And if you have a blog or website for your classroom, then you and your students can easily embed into it Google presentations using a generated code.

If you want to give it a try with your students and are looking for an easy step by step guide, the video below ( created byAtomic Learning ) is all what you need , check it out.

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