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8 Great Web Tools to Create A Website for Your Class

Creating a website for your classroom should be one of your tech priorities for this school year. There are so many educational benefits to having a virtual space for your students. First off, students will have access to a learning space that is open to them whenever and wherever they are. They can use it to check class assignments, important dates, schedules, school events, announcements and many more. Another good thing about setting up a website for your class is that it encourages students to connect the learning that is taking place inside the classroom with the one in the virtual space. This can be done through students adding postings, media materials ( including images, videos, audio clips...etc). They can also use it to collaborate and work together on classroom projects.

Having a website for your class is also a good way to engage parents and make them part of the learning process of their kids. They can stay updated about where their kids are in their learning, see their grades, and they can even volunteer in sharing extra resources.

So if you haven't already created a website for your class and are convinced to do so here are some good platforms to start with. All of these platforms have simple interfaces, easy to navigate, and can be used without the need for any advanced tech knowledge.

1- Google Sites

Create your own Google Site to share information with your class - both in school and out. You can post homework assignments, the class calendar, Google Form assessments, lesson videos that you create or find and much more! See this video for some tips on how to create your own class site.
  2- Weebly for Education

This is my favourite among them all. Weebly has a very intuitive and user friendly interface that you can very easily get familiar with. Weebly has recently added some improvements to its site creator and interface editor allowing users much freedom and practicality in building websites.

3- School Rack

This is another great platform that allows teachers to host and create their own classroom websites. School Rack also offers students and parents free accounts to communicate with teachers. Creating a website through School Rack will allow you to :
  • Share information, documents, and files
  • Hold discussions online, outside of class
  • Report grades online to students or their parents
  • Keep in touch with private messaging
4- Webs

Webs is a freemium service that allows you to set up your classroom website in few minutes and without having to pay a dime but you can always upgrade to pro versions with more advanced features. Web's free site builder and its simple drag-and-drop interface makes it one of the good choices to consider when creating a website for your class.

Other platforms that you can use to create websites for your class include :

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