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10 Good TED Talks from Inspiring Teachers

It's a long time since I last posted in Ted Talks for Teachers section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. However, today I have a list of great TED talks from inspiring teachers. The list has been curated by the folks of TED themselves and shared in their blog. Some of the talks mentioned here have already been featured in different lists I shared with you before. If you have some time in this weekend sit down and watch one or two videos from this selection. I am pretty sure you will learn a lot from them.

1- Stephen Ritz: A Teacher Growing Green in the South Bronx

2- Arthur Benjamin: Teach statistics before calculus

3 John Hunter: Teaching the World Peace Game

4- Emily Pilloton: Teaching design for change

5- Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover

6- Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud

7- Tyler DeWitt: Hey science teachers — make it fun

8- Liz Coleman: a call to reinvent liberal arts education

9- Conrad Wolfram: Teaching kids real math with computers

10- Clifford Stoll: The call to learn

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