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Wonderful Visual Guide to Keep Students On Task while Using iPad Apps

One of the daunting challenges facing teachers using digital media in the classroom is keeping students on task. Students are easily distracted and unless the learning tasks really appeal to their interests, chances are their engagement would only be momentary and would very soon fade away.

For instance, how many times you have to tell your students to keep their fingers away from those gaming apps while they are working on a certain task. No matter what you say they always find their way to entertainment. However, there are certain things that are very easy to do and can help you a lot in getting your students engaged in the learning task at hand while using iPad. One way to do this is to keep your students on task and on the right app.

Primary Possibilities designed this awesome visual guide that walks you through the process of locking your students into the app you are working with them on. This is a good way to keep your students focused and on task. I am sharing this guide with you below and I invite you to spend some time on it.

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  1. It's totally impractical to manually set guided access for a single app on every device in a classroom, then go change it all again for the next app. Seriously, an 8 step process on every device? Then repeat? That also doesn't allow students to choose from several apps you might like for them to use. We tried to address this exact situation, but unfortunately, Apple doesn't give us developers much access to their closed system to do a lot about it, other than creating a system that still locks to a single app, and only after going through the cumbersome Apple Configurator hassle. We can do this on Android devices though since that's a more open system, and that's exactly what we've done with TabPilot. I would invite you and your readers to take a addresses the EXACT topic of this post (except on Android devices): keeping students on task and out of other apps -- and it does so through a central web-based control panel to instantly lock down a whole class set.


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