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Twitter for Teachers- Excellent Short Guide

Here is a very good short guide that says it all about Twitter.This work is created by Rossieronline and is provided for free download. I have scanned its content and found it really interesting. The guide starts with a definition of what a tweet is all about and goes on to shed light on some salient Twitter terminology such as a handle, and retweet. It also features very briefly the core concept behind hashtags and provides some examples of the most popular hashtags in education. The final part covers Twitter education policy, Twitter applications and education chats.

Though the guide is very brief but it is really enlightening and is great for a starter. For more resources on Twitter, check out our Twitter for Teachers section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning to learn more about how you can tap into the educational potential of Twitter together with the web tools you can use to do it.

Here is a snapshot of the first page of this guide. Click HERE to download the entire two pages guide.

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