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Top 50 Educational App Resources for Teachers and Students

The start of a new school year is around the corner and we are all now deeply engaged in preparing our teaching toolkit. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is well aware of the important presence of technology in this toolkit and therefore has provided a section that is entirely devoted to everything teachers need in order to make the best of their school re-entry using technology. Check out this page to access the resources we have amassed on this topic so far.

Today, I am adding an extra resource to this section. This is a repository of educational apps for teachers and students. Below is a document created using Google Docs and in which is featured a variety of platforms and web resources where teachers and educators can find educational apps. I have already reviewed several of these title in previous posts in this blog but to see all this treasure trove organized and arranged neatly and  accessible from one place is really a great achievement.

With these app resources at your hand, you will never have to worry about finding the right and appropriate apps to use with your students. Here is a cursory look at this doc but you can check the entire document HERE.

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