Google Forms for Teachers- A Must Read Guide

Google Forms is one of the potent services Google provides for free for its users. Using Google Forms, you can very easily and without the need for any advanced technology knowledge create all kinds of forms to use with your students from contact forms to quizzes and polls. Since its inception a few years ago, Google Forms has undergone some major updates and the last one in this regard is enabling users to embed pictures and images into forms.

Given its central importance as an indispensable tool in teachers technology toolkit, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has dedicated an entire section to everything teachers need to know in order to better understand and master its use in a teaching and learning context. I invite you to visit Google Forms for Teachers to learn more.

In today's post, I am sharing with you one of the best and simplest guides I have ever read on Google Forms. This visual tutorial is created by Eric Curts and covers a wide range of tips and tricks on anything you need to know about Google Forms. Check it out and, as usual, your feedback is most welcome. Enjoy

Here is a cursory look on the table of content of this guide :
1 - Text type
2 -Paragraph type
3 - Multiple Choice type
4 - Checkboxes type
5 - Choose From a List type
6 - Scale type
7 - Grid type
8 - Date type
9 - Time type

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