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Excellent Classroom Poster Featuring 10 iPad Usage Rules

Here is another wonderful iPad graphic from TechChef4u ( one of my favourite edtech blogs ). The graphic is entitled : MS iPad Oath and features 10 things students need to abide by when using their iPads in the classroom. I have gone through the list and found it really great. In fact students need to abide by these rules wherever they are using iPads be it at school, home or anywhere else. However, TechChef4u has designed this graphic for those intending to use district-owned iPads and this is why she includes rules number 7 and to some extent number 2 as well.

I invite you to have a look at this graphic and hopefully share it with your students especially that we are on the verge of starting another new school year. This could be an interesting material to share with your students in your first week of teaching and if you are looking for more resources to use for this same occasion, check out this resource section. ipad rules

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