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A Must See Interactive Graphic on Teaching Students about Copyright

Copyright is such an important issue that every student in your class should at least have an idea about what it is and how to handle it. The increasing use of digital media and web 2.0 technologies have blurred the lines between what is and what is not acceptable to be re-used. The majority of students still think that anything online is ok to download, copy or re-use. To test your students on this, assign them a multimedia project in which they have to use pictures and other digital resources and see what they will bring you. It does take some explicit instruction for them to grasp the whole concept of copyright. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has a wide variety of resources to help you teach your students about copyright and fair use. Here are some good resources to start with:

Today I am adding this wonderful resource from Cyberbee. This is basically an interactive image which includes important information in the form of answers to questions students might raise when discussing the topic of copyright. To start using this resource all you need to do is to hover your pointer over a student to read the question then click on that student to read the answer.
Here are the questions asked by students in this interactive graphic, to see the answer you need to click on a student.

1- What is copyright
2- What about me ? Does't the public have rights to use music and art ?
3- What is public domaine ?
4- What is fair use
5- I found a great photograph from the Smithsonian website. can I use it in my report ?
6- Des it matter how much of a sound or video I use ?
7- Can't I use images and text from a site if it does not have the word copyright or the copyright symbol c on the page ?
8- Wow I can show everybody my project by putting it on my webpage, right ?
9- What is attribution ?
10- I want to use a cool sound recording from a website but i can't find anything about copyright , what should I do ?
11- Who is going to know ?

Below is only a snapshot of the image , click HERE to access the original interactive graphic.

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