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A Complete Tutorial on how to Use Edmodo in your Teaching

Edmodo is a free virtual learning environment where students get to learn collaboratively. The good thing about this learning platform is that students can create their own Edmodo without providing any emails, signing up is really easy and can be done in few clicks.

Using Edmodo teachers can create groups or classes for their students. Once created a code is generated which the teacher can share with their students. In each of the virtual classes created , both teachers and students can add materials like files, PDFs, slides, PowerPoints, videos..etc. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already shared a very handy and detailed guide on everything teachers need to know about Edmodo  in order to tap into its full educational potential. I invite you to have a look at this guide for more on Edmodo in education.

Today I am sharing with you this excellent video tutorial created by Russel Stannard in which he walks teacher through a step by step guide on how teachers can get started using Edmodo together with all of its features such as creating a group or class for  students, uploading files, adding comments...and many more.


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