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7 Things Teachers Need to Know about The Relation between The Brain and Learning

Effective teaching is not only about mastering the content area one teaches but it goes beyond that to knowing the learning behaviour of students. A teacher can have all the knowledge possible in a certain subject matter but if he/ she can not transform that content to their learners then what good is that content for.

The core concept behind effective instruction is differentiation and adaptation particularly now that technology and digital media is taking over every facet of our life. Being able and ready to adapt your teaching methods to your students emerging learning needs is the key to a successful teaching career. Adaptation requires  thinking analytically about what goes on when students are engaged in learning. Some get the point so rapidly without the need for exhaustive explanations but others are slow learners and call for longer time.

There is something that goes on in each students mind when they are learning. As teachers and educators , to meet our students differentiated learning needs we have  to open a window into their brains and see how they work. This kind of dissection can help us target the right skills. In this regard, a rudimentary knowledge about the different parts and compartments of the human brain can enlighten our understanding about the brain. Below is a great graphic that sheds light on what each part of the brain is responsible for. I am inviting you to have a look and share with your colleagues. Enjoy

brain parts

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