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5 Good New Math Apps for Teachers and Students

As is usual, each time I come across new educational apps I make sure to either review them alone or curate them into lists to share with you here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Today I am sharing with you 5 good Math apps that are featured for the first time in this blog , so am assuming they are new to you as well. These apps cover a variety of Math concepts including: fractions, math facts, graphs, math terms and geometry. Check them out below and share with us if you have other suggestions:

1- Free Math Flash Cards

FlashToPass Free is an easy-to-use, elegant program designed to facilitate mastering the basic math facts learned in Elementary School.

2- My Math Flashcards App
My Math Flash Card App is for mastering basic elementary math facts. Its an easy to use and customizable application to enable focused learning.
3- Oh No Fractions
wipe left or right to answer if the fraction on the left is LESS, GREATER or EQUAL than the one on the right.Peek at the visual solution before committing your answer or wait until later to prove it
4- Graphs
Graphs and Pie Charts. In addition to this, concepts such as Mean, Mode and Median are also explained in simple terms.

5- Math Terms
MathTerms is an illustrated glossary of mathematics terms in English and Spanish. The app includes almost 1,000 entries for middle- and high-school mathematical concepts. Millions of students have had access to this glossary, and its colorful, annotated illustrations, for over the past five years.

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