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3 Great Tools for Collaborative Brainstorming

Collaboration is an essential feature of the 21st century education. Students are encouraged to work together and benefit from their collective wisdom.There are several ways teachers can use to foster collaborative habits among their students and most important of them all is through group work or classroom group projects. While working together, students get to discover different ways of thinking other than theirs and they also share and build a healthy learning environment.

Working together on projects does require pulling ideas from different resources and this is probably one of the problematic things about collaborative brainstorming. However, there are now several excellent web tools that students can use to collectively brainstorm a topic. Below are some of the titles I recommend the most to students and teachers.

1- Real Time Board

This is a web tool I have already reviewed in an earlier post here in this blog. Real Time Board allows users to collaboratively create brainstorming sessions where they get to share text, pictures, and drawings using links. There is also a chat functionality embedded in Real Board that enables users to chat with each other while brainstorming.

2- Lucid Chart

This is another awesome web tool that students can use for collaborative brainstorming. Its drag and drop interface is pretty basic. Lucid Chart provides you with a variety of canvasses in which you can create different flow charts, mind maps, and organizational charts.

3- Spider Scribe

SpiderScribe is an online mind mapping and brainstorming tool. It lets you organize your ideas by connecting notes, files, calendar events, etc. in free-form maps. You can collaborate and share those maps online

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