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3 Good Tools to Easily Create and Save Mind Maps in Your Google Drive

Being able to create mind maps and save them to Google Drive is a convenience every teacher and student would love to have.Thankfully, there are now some powerful mind mapping tools that are fully integrated with Google Drive. In this way, you don't have to worry about saving your mind maps because they will be stored in the cloud for you to access wherever you are with an internet connection and right from your Google Drive account.

Here are three of the mind mapping tools that are integrated into Google Drive:

1- MindMup
This is a coll free mind mapping tools that you can use to create mind maps. The process is very simple, use the black canvas offered for you there and start adding child and sibling nodes to connect your ideas, once finished click to share to save it in your Google Drive

2- Mindmeiser
Mindmeiser is integrated with Google Drive and you can find it right in your Google Drive list of apps. Make sure you install it before you start using. Any mind maps you make are automatically saved to your Google Drive. To learn more about how to install it, check out this post I published earlier on how to install third party application in Google drive.

3- Lucid Chart
Lucidchart is an HTML5-based visual collaboration tool that makes drawing diagrams fast and easy. Work together with an unlimited number of others to create and edit diagrams in real time, with changes merged and synced instantaneously. With Lucidchart installed for Google Drive, you can:
  •  Create, open and share Lucidchart documents from Drive
  •  View, open and edit Microsoft Visio documents from Drive 
  •  Export Lucidchart documents as a PNG, JPG or PDF to be stored in Drive 
  • Initiate daily or weekly backups of all of your Lucidchart documents to be stored in Drive

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