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10 Fascinating Facts about How Teens Use Technology in 2013

PEW Research Centre  is one of the most popular research centres online and is also one of the most cited resource in academic papers. When you access its homepage , PEW team clearly state who they are, what kind of research they do, for whom they do it, and many other criteria that proves the credibility of this centre. If you are looking for a trusted research platform to keep checking for the latest studies in the field of educational technology and its impact on human beings, consider PEW.

In a recent post published here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning I shared with you  parts of a research study  entitled " Teens and Technology " and today I am adding a follow-up to this article. This is basically a wonderful slideshow created by Kristin Purcel in which she outlined 10 important facts you should know about today's teens.

Here is a brief round-up of these 10 facts but you can check the slide for more illustrations.

1- Among Teens 12-17, social network site growth has slowed particularly Facebook, but Twitter use is growing rapidly.
2- Today's teens are sharing more personal information online than teens have in the past
3- Today's teens do care about online privacy
4-Today's teens do take active steps to manage their online reputations
5- Parents of teens are very aware that online content can impact their teens' lives
6- Most teens educational environment include the use of at least some digital technologies
7- The internet has fundamentally altered how teens do research, but not necessarily for the worse
8-Digital tools can benefit kids' writing skills and abilities according to teachers.
9- Teachers are divided as to whether "digital natives" are all that unique.
10- A digital divide persists in the area of educational and technology

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