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Storytelling for YouTube Generation

Below is an interesting Prezi presentation that I came across while I was browsing my Twitter feeds. This work has been realized by Steve Dembo and features some of the ways YouTube is being used for storytelling. I know YouTube is regrettably blocked in many schools here in Canada and also in the States and I really hope that whoever in charge of decision making in these countries would get their eyes open to the fact that they are wasting many learning opportunities for students.

 Banning social media is not a solution; what our students need is a learning environment where a culture of digital citizenship is encouraged and where they are held responsible for their own learning. Banning YouTube and other social media from Schools is analogous to banning  knives from kitchen for fear of causing harm.

I think I am getting off topic and should stop it here. Today's post is about storytelling for the YouTube generation. Check it out below and let us know what you think of it. Enjoy

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