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Open Educational Resources Explained for Teachers

I want to introduce you in this post to the concept of Open Educational Resources ( OER ). I know some of you are already familiar with OER but for those who are still struggling to come to grips with what OERs are all about, the slideshow below is a good place to start with. Here is what you will learn from it.

What is Open Educational Resources ?

Open Educational Resources ( also open content or open coursware ) are educational materials that are found online and are openly licensed. OPRs can be shared, redistributed, improved and used by eveyone.

Keep on reading to learn more about OERs and how you can be use it to enhance teaching and learning. Enjoy

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  1. I think this is really great. There's a lot out there and it's not easy for teachers to make use of. We are quite active in the OER space and would be happy to help contribute to your next post on the subject.


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