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Here is What Happens Online in 60 Seconds

Have you ever observed what happens in a minute of your browsing the net. You might have the intent to just check your email before you head to work but that glaring Twitter message or that Facebook notification that keeps popping up takes you aback and before you know it you have already spent an hour roaming around. Is this multitasking or a mere digital distraction ? Up to you to decide.

I have recently read some articles on the importance of multitasking for students but I am not yet convinced that multitasking is advantageous to students learning. I view it as a distractive habit that breaks apart attention and dismantle focus. A person who can not hold his/her attention for a moderately decent period of time is not capable of thinking reflectively and deeply. Analytic thinking which is central to critical analysis is only attained through a deep and thorough evaluation of the thoughts and this requires a persistent focus on the idea under scrutiny.

Today's post is not about multitasking though I would love to write about it in a future post. The purpose of this present article is to share with you this awesome graphic which chronicles what happens online in 60 seconds.

online browsing source: graphic realized by Qmee & mycleveragency

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