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A Nice Graphic Featuring The 3 Components of 21st Century Learning

I came across this awesome graphic on 21st century learning and found it really worth sharing with you here. The graphic is pretty basic and dissects learning into three major areas: foundational knowledge, meta knowledge, and humanistic knowledge.

Foundational knowledge is associated with the verb to know and is about content across different disciplines. In other sense, to know means to internalize and be familiar with the insights of the content area under study.

Meta knowledge is knowledge about knowledge. It is learning to learn, a way to think critically about the knowledge you internalize and act upon it. Humanistic knowledge, on the other hand, is a step higher. It is value-laden and requires both inter and intra personal judgement.

Which knowledge comes first ? This is a question I have been thinking about for a while but found it  hard to make such classification because learning, I believe, is not a linear process and learners have different learning strategies. Do you have a different stance on this? Please share with us in the comment form below.

21st century learning

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