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5 Good Pinterest Tools for Teachers

While I was leafing through some of the articles on Social Intelligence it dawned on me to do a quick write up to share with you some very useful tools teachers and educators can use to tap into the full potential of Pinterest.

I know from your interaction with what I post in Pinterest for Teacher's page here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning that several of you are using Pinterest for professional development purposes.The tools below will definitely help you better your pinning experience. All of these tools are included in the infographic created and shared by Irma Zimmerman. Enjoy

1- Pic Monkey
This is a free photo editor that allows you to easily edit and customize pictures. It also allows you to create photo collage to share on your Pinterest.

2- PinGraphy
PinGraphy allows you track Repins, Likes, Clicks and Reach for every Pin as well as finding influential users among your followers

3- Quzio
Quzio allows you to convert words into stunning images in seconds.

4- Pinalerts
This works great if you have a blog or website for your class, anytime someone pins something, you will get an alert via email. This service is free and is similar to Google alerts.

5- Pinstamatic
This tool enables you to pin not only images but entire websites including text, pictures and music.

Here is the graphic that features the above mentioned tools.

pinterest tools

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