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4 Awesome Google Products Cheat Sheets for Teachers

"The web is going Google" and there is no way you can imagine Internet without Google. From its inception in the last decade of the 20th century to the present day, Google has developed into a powerful corporation that contributes in shaping the public knowledge. The core principle behind Google's sweeping success is innovation.

The folks in Google know that the secret to continuity and distinction is innovation. It is pretty hard to become popular but it's harder to keep your popularity amidst a stormy wave of strong competitors. Google has been deeply immersed in renovating and improving its services and sometimes the need to out-excel others drives it to take out products that no longer perform well. This is part of Google's policy: success or perish.

We all use a variety of Google's products from Gmail to Google Plus and the more we use them the better we become at tapping into their potential. Knowing how to quickly find your way around Google's services is a prerequisite for increasing your productivity and enhance your use of these services. Below is a collection of useful shortcuts for popular Google products that you can bookmark and use whenever needs be. Enjoy

1- Google Plus Cheat Sheet

2- Google Docs Cheat Sheet

3- Google Search Sheet
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4- Gmail Cheat sheet

gmail sheet cpurtesy of Rayan Farrel

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