Wednesday, July 31, 2013

10 Tips to Create Perfect Tweets for Teachers

Here is another excellent graphic outlining some interesting tips you need to know to create a perfect tweet. I have gone through these tips and found them really worth sharing with you here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

One of the things I remarked while reading this graphic is that all of the tips mentioned below have to do with stylistics of the tweeting; they provide help with things like how many characters you should include in a tweet, the use of hashtag, which URL shorteners to use, the use of typographic emphasis...etc. These are all things that are related to the style and structure of the tweet itself.  I don't know why nothing was mentioned about the importance of the content of the tweet but that does not lessen from the importance of the graphic which , in y eyes, deserves some  few minutes of your time. Enjoy
  tips formaking perfect tweet source:

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