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Two Excellent Apps to Create Digital Magazines on iPad

With the digital innovations that are taking place now, creating a digitl magazine for your is no longer a complicated techy task requiring sophisticated design and technology knowledge, with these awesome web tools, all you need is an idea and you are good to go.

Today, I am sharing with you two of the best apps that you can use to create digital magazine on your iPad. Check them out below and share with us if you have other suggestions :

This is my favorite. Flipboard is app that is available for both iPad and Android. Flipboard has a handy tool called Flipboard Editor which allows users to curate and create their own digital magaizines. Watch the video below to learn more about Flipboard is a new self-publishing platform that enables anyone to create and share their own digital magazines across devices in minutes. No technical or design skills required. All you need is an idea! Make your own Glossi at, and then use the Glossi app to view and share with your friends!
Watch this video to learn more about Glossi

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