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Traditional Teachers Vs 21st Century Teachers

Below are two of my favourite videos I have watched several times. The first video features a set of things or rather  traits of  traditional teachers. I using the word  traditional because the word traditional with some reserve as its meaning is loose  and can be interpreted to mean many things. The second video projects a positive image of teachers or what is known as "the 2st century teaching skills".

Traditional Teachers:

When I become a teacher I want to :

  • Lecture all day long
  • Prevent change
  • Be the sage on the stage
  • Teach to the test
  • Be able to chew gum all day and tell my students they can't
  • Retire next year and it just doesn't matter anymore 
  • Sit in the teacher loung and complain
  • Teach one year 25 times
  • I want a computer just to report grades
  • Keep my mouth shut and wait to become an administrator
  • Cover rather than uncover material and use chalk
  • Quit learning

2- 21st Century Teachers

When I become a teacher I want to :
  • Collaborative work will be just as important as individual work
  • PBL ( project based learning) won't just be an acronym
  • Edit, remix, and share media with my students
  • Learn from my students
  • Expect change
  • Create my own personal learning network
  • Add students on my space in Facebook ( humm i personally don't agree with this)
  • Encourage appropriate online interaction
  • I won't fear technology , I ll embrace it
  • Create positive learning environments

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