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Top 50+ Academic Blogs for Teachers and Educators

If you are an academic or interested in the world of academia the blogs below will be of tremendous help for you. As a teacher and post graduate student myself, I spend an enormous amount of time reading articles from these blogs. I have learned a lot from them particularly regarding my thesis. I highly recommend them for you.

I am not sure who initiated this list in Google Docs but the work is in progress and if you have other suggestions, feel free to share them.

Blogs on Academic Blogging

Other advice on Blogging:

Sell Out Your Soul: How to Create a Blog That People Actually Read and SEO for Writers ($) and Expand Your Blog’s Reach
#blogchat on Twitter: What is #blogchat?

Group Blogs:

(All of the above blogs started as group blogs hosted privately and were “picked up” by IHE or CHE)

Academic Blog Aggregators:

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