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The 5 Core Principls for Social-Emotional Learning

In the midst of this technological revolution that is redefining the concept of 21st century education, one is left to wonder if 21st century skills are only about digital literacy skills. On the face of it, it looks like the digital component is taking the lion's share in today's instruction but as I have argued before in several previous posts, we are teaching human beings and not machines. The social and emotional construct is also essential in a balanced education, one that uses technology to enhance learning and cultivate social and emotional skills as part of larger varied patchwork that includes all other literacies.

One of he best books I have read on the topic of emotional intelligence and its centrality in learning is written by psychologist Daniel Goleman entitled " Emotional Intelligence:Why It Can Matter More Than IQ ". I am also sharing with you this awesome wheel that Collaboration for Social, Academic and Emotional learning has created. CASEL identified 5 core competencies for social emotional learning, check them out below and if you want to go deeper into their explanation, check out this post.

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